People learn in different ways.  My approach to tutoring starts with a recognition that every student is unique – with each having a different learning style, personality, and collection of talents and skills.

Thumbs-up at graduationFinally, to be effective,  a tutor should not only be knowledgeable about the subject matter but should also know how to break concepts down into simpler parts and then utilize each student’s preferred learning mode to make the material easier to absorb and retain.


I conduct an assessment of every new student so that I can tailor my approach according to his or her strengths.  Beginning with the correct approach increases the likelihood that progress will be quickly apparent, and many students report dramatic improvement with their very next test or assignment.  I have been tutoring this way for over a decade and am convinced that understanding the student is the key to making the tutoring experience rewarding.


The assessment takes approximately one hour to complete.  It consists of a math test (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers and fractions), and a self-assessment that highlights the student’s learning style and strengths.  There is no charge, and afterward each parent receives a summary of the results.


Coincidentally, I use this same approach when working to improve study skills and habits.  Sometimes this can be at least as important as the subject matter itself.  The bonus is that improved study skills are transferable to other subjects and pay dividends in college and beyond.


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