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I am Denise Devoto, owner of Devoto Tutoring.

We have been serving Sacramento and surrounding communities for over ten years. We specialize in math and science tutoring for middle school and high school students.

I tutor the following subjects;


Making a difference

M.M. Fair Oaks .

Mrs. Devoto presents algebra concepts in a personable, straightforward manner and relaxed armosphere, creating the environment for my daughter to truly learn the subject.  After only a few weeks of tutoring, my daughter’s test scores improved.  Equally important, her confidence improved.  I would recommend Mrs. Devoto to any student wishing to improve her grades or solidify her understanding of algebra.—

M.M., Fair Oaks, CA

A. D. Sacramento

WOW…is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of how Ms. Denise Devoto tutored my son in chemistry.  My son is pretty smart, but every once in a while he hits a bump in the road when it somes to his studies.  Ms. Devoto was able to smooth that bump for my son.  She tutors the student in a comfortable environment, and my son felt confident and free to ask questions to help him learn.  Ms. Devoto holds the student accountable for their studies, but also gives them encouragement and tools to help.  She gets to know the student before teaching so that she can direct them in their studies…(Sharp).

My son has very good grades but slipped in chemistry. I called Ms. Devoto who helped him take his grade from a D to a strong B, where I know my son belongs. He really enjoyed her and her teachings. She truly cares for her students. For example…even after passing in chemistry he had a problem in Algebra II, he did not hesitate to ask if he could call Ms. Devoto to understand his problem. She honored his phone call and of course he passed. I call that Above And Beyond. Forever Grateful,—

A.D., Sacramento, CA

J.C., El Dorado Hills, CA

We were fortunate to find Denise Devoto for our tutor, and it is because of her that my daughter’s grades and confidence are back.  This year is ending with a solid A in geometry and my daughter is looking forward to next year in algebra II.  Denise has made such a difference for my daughter in grasping math concepts and I am sure that her help and suggestions will follow her next year.—

J.C., El Dorado Hills, CA

B.H., Folsom, CA

We are so fortunate to have found Denise! My daughter was really struggling with algebra.  I had spent a lot of time trying to tutor her myself but could not seem to make headway.  By the time I hired Denise, my daughter’s confidence was very low and her frustration level was at an all time high.

Denise connected very well with her, and was able to help relax her defensiveness and frustration.  She explained math clearly and simply, and with an amazing amount of patience.  She managed to encourage her to keep going forward, even when my daughter was tired or felt like giving up.  With her help, my daughter’s grades improved and so did her confidence.  Best of all, her overall attitude toward math improved greatly-it was no longer something that seemed impossible! I only wish we had found Denise sooner! She was a wonderful person to work with, and I would recommend her to anybody!—

B.H., Folsom, CA


B.N., Fair Oaks, CA

I’m so impressed with Denise and how quickly my 7th grade daughter started FINALLY understanding pre-algebra.

My daughter received a D on her first report card and a D- on her last one in pre-algebra.  We went through a half year of 7th grade with no signs of improving her grade, but most importantly, my daughter understanding math.

After just 3 one hour sessions with Denise, my daughter got a 95 on her math test! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Her grade went from a D- to a C! Denise’s methods of teaching are what my daughter needed.After just 3 one hour sessions with Denise, my daughter got a 95 on her math test! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Her grade went from a D- to a C! Denise’s methods of teaching are what my daughter needed.

In a classroom setting with over 30 students, a lot of distractions, and a teaching method that wasn’t clicking, my daughter was so confused and just didn’t know what to do.  We are so thankful to have found Denise and that my daughter tells me that math is easy now! Thanks Denise!!!—

B.N., Fair Oaks, CA

J.H., Fair Oaks, CA

My daughter told us that her math teacher complimented her on how well she was doing in pre-calculus class the other day.  That she was raising her hand to answer questions and knew the steps in problems.  This is a big deal for us.  She is very quiet, so raising her hand in class and even telling us about this is huge.  I asked her if it was due to your help, and she said yes.  So not only are you helping her with actual problems, but you are helping to build her confidence.  And for that, I really thank you!

J.H., Fair Oaks, CA